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Platinum Bars & Ingots
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Fair and Honest Prices

At Vegas Gold Buyers, we pay top dollar for your platinum bars and ingots! Just bring in your platinum items in any condition. When you arrive, let any one of our staff know that you would like to have your platinum appraised and our precious metal buyers will inspect your items while you wait. Based on current market prices and purity, our buyers will make you an offer. If you accept, walk away immediately with cash in your pocket – The entire transaction normally won’t take more than just a few minutes.

We are buying platinum bars and ingots and our appraisers have been instructed to give you top dollar for your platinum bars and ingots.

Find out the True Value of your platinum!

Don’t worry if you’re not sure of the type of platinum you have. There is a range of uses and types of platinum. We recognize the difference between face-value business strike platinum and more precious, collectible pieces that can be worth far more than their face value indicates. At Vegas Gold Buyers, we purchase all types of platinum bars and ingots.

We use real-time precious-metal prices according to the US stock market and pay top dollar to get you the maximum amount possible for your platinum bars and ingots.

We also pay top dollar for other items, such as sterling silver flatware and jewelry, gold, and more. If you think we might be interested – bring it in!

Located at E. Tropicana and S. Eastern Avenue
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Vegas Gold Buyers has been purchasing your gold, silver, rare coins, jewelry and gems for over 30 years in the Las Vegas Valley. Our reputation as the fair, honest and legitimate buyer comes from our dedication to our customers, our integrity and our reliability.
Satisfied Customers

I went here to trade in some old gold jewelry. The staff was friendly. The process was transparent and quick. I was offered a great price. I'd recommend these guys.

Sandra M. Las Vegas, NV

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